8 Reasons Your Content Marketing Doesn’t Work

Do you find that you are constantly creating content that no one ever reads?

Are you spinning your wheels trying to keep up with an aggressive editorial calendar?

Are your readers unsubscribing from your distribution lists?

You keep hearing “content is king,” but a lot of content is just bad. It doesn’t resonate and doesn’t convert.

We are here to help! We’ve put together a list of 8 reasons why your content sucks so you can know what to avoid when creating content pieces for your business.

  1. You don’t know your target audience.

Marketing is all about the market.

  1. You are not providing value.

-Ask yourself, “why does my reader care about this?”

  1. It’s a love fest.

Don’t let content be part of a “thought leadership” strategy designed to make you look important. It’s not about you; it’s about the audience.

  1. Editorial calendar is holding you hostage.

-You’re publishing to meet an artificial schedule without taking into consideration how often your audience can stand to hear from you before they tune out. You value quantity over quality.

  1. You’re writing for SEO robots.

Robots don’t buy. People buy. Write for people.

  1. Highfaluting vocabulary.

-Too many ten-cent vocabulary words. If a sixth-grader can’t understand the words, edit!

  1. You’re not converting.

Follow the data. Review the pieces you’ve created that have the best conversion rates. Compare those to the lowest conversions. What does the data tell you?

  1. Using the wrong distribution strategy.

-Go back to knowing your audience. If your target audience is grandmothers who knit, then LinkedIn is not the appropriate platform for your content.

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